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You're either trying to know what the dating experience is like for practicing Witnesses, or you want to know what it's like dating a witness as a non-witness. Dating as a witness :- The Golden rule here is “marry only in the lord”. They even suggest that you take a chaperone on every date!

As a JW, marrying a non-JW is regarded with a degree of evil that's akin to the general view of adultery. Well, for Jehovah's Witnesses (hereinafter JWs), dating should only be done “with a view to marriage”. Because sex is so evil, you have to take every step to prevent your natural urges from taking their course. It's the major difference between jw dating and regular dating.

They base this on 1 Timothy , which says, “Do not accept an accusation against an older man except on the evidence of two or three witnesses,” and Matthew , which says in part, “so that on the testimony of two or three witnesses every matter may be established.” This, too, is absolutely devastating for children, as there is rarely, if ever, a second witness to child molestation.

This is a crime committed in secret and, in many cases, involves molestation of children in their own home.

Apparently they’re also ignorant of at-home pregnancy tests and how soon a woman can use one accurately.

You can imagine how devastating this would be for a woman who has suffered such a horrific and brutal crime, now having to face the further punishment of being cut off from her friends and family.Yet, despite this, they feel they have no place “discerning” if a child has been raped, no matter the credibility of that child’s statements, no matter the reaction of the accused, no matter anything else but those needed “two witnesses.” I would ask Jehovah’s Witnesses why they have this double standard when it comes to child molestation versus so-called fornication committed by adults in other situations.Either the “two witness” rule should be applied equally to everyone, or it should be applied to no one.In Robbie’s case, as in the case of a woman claiming to be raped, they don’t use “two witnesses” to determine that a serious sin has been committed; instead, they feel that they can make that decision on their own.In the elders’ video, they “discern,” not just the truthfulness of Robbie’s word, but also his own heart condition!

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